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a profession of hope

Almost 40% of Richmond’s land base sits in the Agricultural Land Reserve, a large part of which lies south of Steveston Highway bounded on the west by No. 1 and on east along No. 5 Road. According to 2011 statistics only 60% of all the ALR land is being farmed with the largest crops being cranberries and blueberries. While the land is considered prime farming land despite drainage issues, the real challenge comes from the pressure to urbanize and subdivide due to high land values.

It is difficult for new farmers to acquire land and those who want farm have to look at leasing as the alternative. Landowners though are reluctant to rent their land on a long-term basis because they want to be able to take advantage of what they believe will be opportunities to develop the land for something other than farming.

One has to wonder who would want become a farmer given these barriers and yet there are people willing to take on the challenge.

Meet Kimi and Kareno.

They are farming land on rented acreage on No. 2 Road. This is their story.

(2016 – 2018)