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a night at the market

With its largely Asian population, Richmond became a natural location for the first summer night market in the BC Lower Mainland fourteen years ago. Rooted in the tradition of Asian markets that take place in the coolness of the evening, the markets have become a place to unwind and relax after a busy week at work. They may have started out as places for locals to hang out with their families but today Richmond is home to two of Canada’s biggest night markets and together they attract thousands of visitors and tourists.

Every weekend for five months of the year, would-be chefs, entrepreneurs, and entertainers come together at the International Summer Night Market located along the Fraser River. By the time people start to arrive around seven o’clock in the evening, the stalls are stocked, the grills are fired up, and the mike is on the stage waiting for the first performers.

As twilight falls, the market comes alive and strings of lights beckon visitors to each of the stalls with the promise of something they need to buy. The shrieks of delighted children running around the inflatable castle mix with the rising charcoal smell of meat on a stick. Yes summer is here and what better way to spend the evening than at the market.

(2012 – 2013)