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photo of the day: through the woods


photo of the day: games people play


view from the studio door

© RLK Photo

The walls are repainted, the floors are scrubbed and polished, and the lights are out. After six years in this space, it’s time to close the studio door and move on to other exciting things. Change is a constant in life. I’ve learnt to embrace it, to let it lead me down unknown roads despite the trepidation, confident that the experiences will help me grow as a person and as a photographer. I sure will miss this space though…


impossible tulips

polaroid skagit valley tulips 2017

I’m still experimenting with instant film, enjoying some film types much more than others. Last week I made a few pictures with Ray’s old Polaroid and some darn expensive film from the Impossible Project.

One photograph. Out of eight. Success? Perhaps but it doesn’t really matter. I wanted to go to the tulip festival for nostalgic reasons and now I have a photograph to remember the day.

By the way, I’ve updated my website with some of my instant work here.

Still thinking how to best use my last few boxes of Fuji Peel Apart film. Maybe Vegas. Or San Francisco. Or New Mexico?


photo of the day: promises, promises

seattle pike place market tulips