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pieces of steveston

steveston village richmond bc

It feels like change is rolling through the Village faster than a ball down the bowling lane. Today we say goodbye to a real treasure of a place, Pieces. Housed in the historic Hepworth building at the corner of Moncton and 2nd Avenue, Read More


photo of the day: village hero

halloween in the village of steveston richmond BBn


his master’s voice

urban dog series

The newest addition to my Urban Dog series. This series began more than seven years ago at the 2011 Magnum Workshops in Toronto when I took a workshop with Larry Towell. Some of these photographs remain my personal favourites.


photo of the day: festival of souls

Bon Odori 2018

One of my favourite village events has to be Bon Odori. A Buddhist celebration held in July on the grounds of Steveston’s Buddhist temple, Bon Odori is known as the Festival of Souls. It is during this time the Japanese believe the souls of their ancestors return and the dances are performed to welcome their spirits. For more images from the festival, click here.


bodyworks 2018

1957 Ford Fairlane

White 1957 Ford Fairlane

The annual Richmond Salmon Festival Car Show is a favourite of mine and this year was no exception. I had a chance to see some classic cars I hadn’t seen before and to add some pictures to the Bodyworks series. Read More