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capturing a moment in history

This year Canada celebrates 150 years of Confederation (which actually only included four provinces, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). The remaining provinces and territories joined Confederation between 1870 and 1999. Still July 1 was a day to party and give ourselves a collective “feel good” hug. Many wanted to mark the day with a photograph to show where we were on this important birthday. It seems today we are satisfied with making a selfie with our phones but I sure do miss the days when we would hand our camera over to a passing person and ask them to make a picture.

I spent about an hour at the Steveston Salmon Festival Float watching people making selfies and every once in a while someone would ask another person to take a picture instead. For most people, the selfie was the preferred option.

This couple spent more than 10 minutes taking selfies from every angle on all sides of the float. It was so bright and sunny that she was struggling to see what the picture looked like before pressing the shutter. I did enjoy watching the woman cajole her husband into yet another picture just in case the last few wouldn’t turn out. Plus I loved her smile.

Then I had an idea. I started asking people if they wanted me to take their picture. It gave me a chance to interact with them but also I really wanted them to have a picture that wasn’t a selfie to mark this special day.

This couple were taking selfies when I offered to take their picture and on the spur of the moment, after I handed back the phone, I asked if I could have a picture of the two of them. It’s not a perfect picture by any stretch of the imagination but it was one that marked the day in a special way for me. I sure hope the one I made for them was good 🙂


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