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October 18, 2010  |  landscape, musings, nature

Yesterday memories of my time at Shamper’s Bluff (seen above) came flooding back as I listened to an interview Freeman Patterson recently did on CBC Radio. It was lovely to hear Freeman’s voice again, recounting some of the stories he shared with us but there was also a reminder for this journey. Freeman spoke about the camera looking both ways. It’s a not a new concept to photographers but Freeman was more specific saying that with “every photograph we make, we are all writing our own autobiography“.

Our photographs record how we feel, our fears and secrets, our dreams and desires, our successes and failures. They are who we are, pieced together over our lifetime. I wonder what images we would create if we were more mindful that we are writing stories about ourselves all the time through our photographs. And I wonder if we would take more care responding with our words to the images others make if we understood that they all carried a piece of that person in them.


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